The project

Project aims to develop, demonstrate and implement at real scale an innovative and sustainable solution for coffee by-products recovery through their up grading as animal feed ingredient.

Expected benefits


Reduction of wet SCG from HORECA landfilled at project area to produce animal feed ingredients

>>increase the sustainability and competitiveness of coffee producing and consuming sector.


Satisfy the increasing demand of new raw materials for animal feed production (dairy cattle and sheep)

>> increase the sustainability and competitiveness of feed sector by reducing the dependence on current raw materials market.


Reduction of greenhouse gas emission of livestock due to the beneficial effect in the ruminal methanogenesis

>>sustainability and social acceptance of the livestock activity and its products.

Specific objectives

  • Increase of Environmental Efficiency and Competitiveness of Coffee value chain by reducing wet SCG landfilled.

  • Increase of Sustainability and Competitiveness of Feed sector by a new sustainable ingredient from SCG which satisfies the demand of alternative raw materials.

  • Increase of the Sustainability and Social acceptance of the Livestock activity by reducing the greenhouse gas emission due to the beneficial effect in the ruminal methanogenesis of the inclusion of SCG ingredients in the feed formulation.

  • Contribution to the Society Awareness towards the environmental protection and efficient use of the resources.

Actions & Progress

Technical actions

  • A.1 – Setting the project Advisory Board

Progress rate 100
  • B.1 – Optimization of the recovery process at semi-industrial scale

Progress rate 100
  • B.2 – Definition of the valorisation scheme

Progress rate 100
  • B.3 – Demonstration trial of the recovery process

Progress rate 100
  • B.4 – Feasibility assessment of the valorisation scheme

Progress rate 100
  • B.5 – Implementation of the valorisation scheme in the case study and transfer to other European regions with similar scenario

Progress rate 100

Other actions

  • C.1 – Monitoring of the project impact on environmental problem addressed

Progress rate 100
  • D.1 – Public awareness and dissemination of results

Progress rate 100
  • E.1 – Overall project management

Progress rate 100