The kick-off meeting is the inaugural event for starting the Project activities. So, in the context of 2020 pandemic, we have celebrated this event via on-line.

Despite this fact, all partners of the life Ecoffeed project met last October 2 to celebrate the first meeting of the project.

The European initiative LIFE ECOFFEED is intended to increase the value of spent coffee ground and spent coffee capsules into high value secondary materials for dairy sheep and cattle feeding.

The purpose of the project is to contribute with the definition and demonstration of the viability of a technology solution for the recovery of coffee by products as a new ingredient for animal feed.

The inclusion of spent coffee ground as ingredient for dairy animals feed in the project area will allow:

  1. The substitution of curren raw material for feed production.
  2. Diminishing the land occupation for feeding farm animals.
  3. Reduction of methane emissions due to the beneficial effect of SCG in the rumial methanogenesis.