The first optimization tests about the collection of coffee capsules from the vending machines of the project partner Euskovazza have been carried out by applying the inverse logistics application and its transportation to the facilities of the project partner Ekogras for decapsulation.

The strategy that has been proposed is to take advantage of the current distribution routes of the new capsules to return the spent capsules by an efficient and safe inverse logistics system that maintains their hygienic quality and enables the next step of decapsulation to separate the organic from the inorganic.

The partial results obtained show that it is possible to maintain the hygienic conditions of the samples, always avoiding cross contamination, but it is necessary to emphasize the cleaning process of the containers, as well as the traceability documents.

The fact that the system that is being developed should serve as an example for other generation points in other regions with similar problems, makes it necessary to consider the entire typology and variability of collection points and, therefore, new tests are planned during the next few weeks until the optimal degree of optimization is achieved.